Eric's Priceless Pieces

Personalized Sculptures from your Photographs

 Do you wish you had more than a photograph to capture a special moment in time? Something more to display proudly to honor a loved one? If so, then Eric’s Priceless Pieces is the place for you!

My name is Eric Price and through this site, one of a kind sculptures are created from your personal photographs or creative drawings by capturing your subject matters likeness through three dimensional design. Hand built sculptures are custom created ranging from any desire such as your star athlete, a favorite pet, or even a character bobble head...

The choice is completely yours!



                     Creating a personalized sculpture is easy!

Photographs are an important factor. They are used to reference the subject matter throughout the sculpting process.

Please send in copies (no originals) of clear, well lit picture(s) of your subject with a detailed description(s) on the order form.  

At least one photograph of the head is required. Three are preferred for accurate detail (front, side, 3/4 view). If you are unable to have your subject pose for shots, please send in as many pictures from various angles as you can, especially with pets. The more photos provided the better the overall accuracy.

 Bodies can be customized to specific requirements if desired by use of the order form (photos or sketches of the pose and/or outfit should be included with the description, if possible). Otherwise an average pose and wardrobe of my choice will be the default design.  ___________________________________________________________________________________

Once your order is placed, the next step is to create the head and body sculpt. First, a wire armature is created to help the support of the body structure.

An armature acts as a "skeleton". It supports the overall structure of the piece to help withstand the weight of the clay and acts as a sketch to capture the correct pose of the work. Tin foil may also be used in some areas to "bulk out" large areas that may get too heavy for the wire to support(ex: chest cavity). I view the tin foil as the "muscle" for the wire armature.

The clay is then layered over this and shaped thoroughly. 



 My sculptures are hand built and created with various selected mediums including, but not limited to: Stoneware, Super Sculpey, metal, wire, wood, and resin.

Super Sculpey is a polymer clay that bakes in a conventional oven. It turns to a hard plastic and is the most commonly used clay amongst professionals in the movie and action figure industries. Super Sculpey tends to be lighter in weight.


  Once the work is finished, acrylic paints are then applied to give the piece a colorful finish. A good paint job enhances the overall work but being able to capture depth with shape and form is what truly brings the work to life.

The final step after completing a project is for you to receive the work and display it proudly!


  Please take a look at my Gallery for examples of my previous work.

 Note:Super Sculpey should not be stored in direct sunlight, under heat lamps, or extreme cold temperatures. Doing so could cause the Sculpey to crack. My sculptures are not movable or meant to be played with like a toy. Bobble heads are a functional collectible and not designed for heavy use.