Eric's Priceless Pieces

Personalized Sculptures from your Photographs

Terms and Conditions


How do I order?

To start the order process, please send an email to

containing at least the following information:


-the date of your event/due date

-the nature of your order (wedding, sport, pet, etc)

-the shipping/delivery address

-your daytime phone number

-your email address

-an idea and/or description of what kind of design you are looking for.


I will then contact you to supply the specific order form and to discuss your order and/or scheduled due date.


What's your payment policy?

Full payment (including shipping cost) or a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start work on your order; the remainding 50%, plus shipping cost, is due and must be cleared at least two weeks prior to your event/delivery date. Your order is not confirmed or started until I have received your signed contract and cleared payment in full (plus shipping cost) or a 50% non-refundable deposit. Only Money Order, Personal Check, or Pay Pal* are accepted.


All sales are final. However, a refund (Full or 50%, however much you paid) will be issued if I am unable to complete an order due to an unforeseen circumstance. Your refund will be based on your payment method (return money order/check or return through Pay Pal).


*When paying through Pay Pal, only the full amount is accepted, no partial payments are accepted through Pay Pal at this time. It is the client’s responsibility to agree and follow Pay Pal’s terms and services, which can be found at I am not responsible for my client(s) misuse, abuse, or misunderstanding of Pay Pals terms of service. Please make sure your order form is filled out completely, signed, dated, and mailed out ahead of time before you pay with Pay Pal. Please keep a signed copy for your own records.


Do you personally deliver?

Personal delivery may be available for local purchases. Must call or E mail ahead of time to negotiate delivery drop off/pick up.
 Eric’s Priceless Pieces is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported sculpture(s) once it has left my possession.

If you have any additional questions about Eric’s Priceless Pieces, feel free to contact me though email:


Please Note:

Not all colors and/or details in photos or drawings provided are 100% matched. Once completed, send the form along with your photos to the address provided at the bottom of the order form. Photos can also be sent through e-mail if you so desire. Just include your name in the subject.  You must be over the age of 18 to order.


Please be as detailed as possible. Attach notes to photos if desired.  Please include some clear, well lit close up photos of all facial angles (full front, full side, and ¾ views) if more than one photo is provided. If there is only one camera angle shown then I will estimate all areas not depicted in photograph.  I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, especially due to poor photo quality. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Keep this in mind if a specific date for delivery is required. 


Bobble Heads are not intended to be portraits or exact duplicates of faces. Faces, bodies, and props will not be 100% accurate in scale or representation. These sculptures are hand built and minor flaws may be expected.

Resemblances will be based on the photos/drawings provided. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide all photos and necessary information. depending on order requests, figures will be up to 10” tall, depending on stance, on a basic wood display base unless otherwise noted.

 I automatically reserve the right to use all images of my creations for promotional purposes. No client personal photographs/drawings will be used without their permission. I will only use first names or “dummy” names when describing my work to protect my client’s identity. 

The information I gather from you through my website/order form is strictly for my use only to create your order as well as to communicate with you through the duration of the process and is strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be sold to or shared by a third party.

**By signing and dating the order form as well as sending payment in the form of a money order, personal check, or Pay Pal for your order purchase/payment, you hereby agree to these Terms of Service and all information described above.**                                                                                                             

Super Sculpey should not be stored in direct sunlight, under heat lamps, or extreme cold temperatures. Doing so could cause the Sculpey to crack. My sculptures are not movable or meant to be played with. Bobble heads are a functional collectible and not designed for heavy use.


Eric’s Priceless Pieces is created by Eric Price.  I use my client’s personal photography and/or drawings to create personalized sculptures representing their subject matters likeness. These photographs/drawings remain confidential between me and my client(s). I will never use a client’s personal photograph and/or drawing to display or promote on this or any other form of website, magazine, and/or promotional expense without the permission from my client first.  However I do reserve the right to display the final image of my creation based off of my client’s photography and/or drawing on this website, magazine and/or promotional expense to my digression and within a positive manner. First names or “dummy” names may/will be used to help describe my sculpture as a way to protect the identity of my client(s) through advertisement on this website or any other promotional expense.

The information I gather from you through my website/order form is strictly for my use only to create your order as well as to communicate with you through the duration of the process and is strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be sold to or shared by a third party.